• When state Sen. Brandon Creighton looked to secure his reelection, he called upon Raconteur Media.

  • When Justice Paul Green drew an opponent with the same last name, he called upon Raconteur. Justice Green needed our services to make sure voters picked the right Green.

    For the Republican primary, Raconteur managed Judge Green's digital voter targeting.

    Judge Green won his March 1, 2016 Texas Republican primary election.

  • A group of serious-minded Texans came together in order to advocate for free markets and competition in Texas. Texans for Free Enterprise hired Raconteur Media to design, develop and launch their initial public presence. This organization has deep roots in Texas politics and public affairs, and they hired Raconteur Media because they knew we would provide the best service for the best value.

  • Susan Combs is a longtime client of Raconteur. Since her 2004 campaign for Texas Comptroller through to the January 2017 launch of her new book, Raconteur has worked with Susan as a sounding board, as her social media support and for developing her new Website. Raconteur values our relationship with Susan because to know her is to know that she is unlike anyone you will ever know - smart, energetic, courageous and funny.

  • Dan Patrick hired Raconteur Media for our ability to develop a digital strategy, execute it and make all the digital support his communications and grassroots goals. Patrick is a confident, vocal and fully aware politician who knows the value of a strong and vibrant digital presence. And we appreciate the trust he places in our team.

  • When Texas Senator Glenn Hegar decided to run for Texas Comptroller, he turned to Raconteur.

  • By all accounts, Sen. Charles Schwertner is a proven lawmaker with a passion for keeping Texas strong. When Sen. Schwertner came to Raconteur, we were thrilled with the opportunity to create an online presence for this well-respected senator.

  • Since 2007, Raconteur has had the privilege to be the digital agency to support Texas Gov. Rick Perry's political and campaign efforts. In that time, we have supported Governor Perry through winning statewide elections and advocating for his policy priorities. 

  • Texans for Lawsuit Reform is a titan in Texas politics. At a time when it's opponents were trying to rollback TLR's successes, they hired Raconteur to build their online strategy.

  • State Representative Four Price is a very active and highly regarded state lawmaker.

    Rep. Price serves nearly year round on various committees that review transparency and spending with taxpayer dollars. During the biennial legislative sessions in Austin, Rep. Price serves on House committees that deal with Texas' largest and most complicated budget issues - health care, mental health, family protective services, and rehabilitative services.