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About Raconteur Media

About Raconteur Media

Raconteur Media Company is a corporation based in Austin, TX. Raconteur was founded in 2002 by Ryan Gravatt. Gravatt, a former political journalist, has more than 400 bylines to his credit. Building upon this storytelling background, Raconteur uses digital media to spread its clients' messages across Web sites, social networks and email.



The Consulting Division is the core of the storytelling operation. Ryan Gravatt heads the consulting division. Gravatt's background in journalism, political campaigns and mass communication give him a unique perspective for using the elements of your story to engage audiences.


Design & Development

The Design & Development division creates and builds the Web sites and applications for our clients. This division works quickly and efficiently to get the sites online so that our clients have a hub of activity for building and reinforcing relationships.


Social Media

Your relationships on social networks help spread your story, which creates opportunities and reinforces relationships. We help our clients with social network engagement strategies so that they have a plan and tactics to keep online relationships fresh. We know what tactics work for starting conversations and engaging audiences to drive them towards a goal to help you.

We measure social reach with our Social Media Monitoring application, and we work with our clients to make sure the time spent sharing their story reaps benefits.



Email, online advertising and building relationships with influencers... Outreach is the critical component for telling a story online. We determine the target audience and engage them for our clients. Building an audience is no easy task, and we know how to gather and mobilize people online.