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Senator Brandon Creighton

When state Sen. Brandon Creighton looked to secure his reelection, he called upon Raconteur Media.

Sen. Creighton needed a storyteller. He wanted a partner who could mobilize supporters through social media, and he needed a creative agency that could leverage all his accomplishments into an online campaign that would propel him to victory. Raconteur managed Creighton's digital strategy through a special election and a runoff. Creighton, an extraordinary campaigner and statesman, gives Raconteur much credit for the online engagement that carried him into the revered Texas Senate. Raconteur is honored to continue to serve Sen. Creighton. And when state Sen. Brandon Creighton looked to climb the next rung in Texas politics, he called upon Raconteur Media. We have been serving Sen. Creighton proudly since 2013.

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